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By doing this we have gained invaluable insights into the world of skin, beauty, aesthetic practices and technology meaning that we can offer tailored support to businesses within this industry.

We thoroughly agree that marketing of your laser and aesthetic business is just as important as buying the right equipment.

There is no point in owning the best equipment if no one knows you purchased it and what treatments it can offer!

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Getting started with your laser & aesthetic clinic marketing

No matter what the budget spent on your aesthetic equipment you need to let the world know three vital things, Who you are, Where you are and What you do.

Our objective is to help you market your business and to communicate various applications and clinical results to your new patients and to your existing clients. Thinking outside the box has proven to be the most effective ways of creating unconventional and unlimited creative ideas. What patients assume, should be replaced with the element of surprise, the unique and the unforeseen.

Begin with Market Analysis

Not only is the world’s population aging, but more and more people are aware of, and can afford to pay for aesthetic procedures and are taking steps to improve their appearance. Thus, the aesthetics industry is increasingly being asked to provide not just general conventional treatments, but also new generation and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures as an alternative to the invasive plastic-surgery options of the past. The laser and aesthetics market is growing because it offers a wide range of procedures, and even more
importantly, it suits the patients needs.

In order to create a personalized marketing strategy, the key questions that need to be answered in this
initial stage are:

What size of an area does my clinic want to reach?
Geographic area
Population of that area
Demographics in that area (sex, age, average household income, occupation)
Behaviour characteristics in the area (taking care of their health / appearance, willing to
spend money on themselves, etc.)
What are the most common and sought after aesthetic procedures on this market?
For example, is there a prison in your area? If so, you can offer inmates removal of gang tattoos, a profitable and sought after procedure in prisons. Find your market and adapt your marketing strategy to best suit their demand.

What are the Client’s needs?

Who is my direct competition in the area?
What are my Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Business Branding and Logos

It’s crucially important that you create a unique brand and logo. Chose colours that are suitable for your business. Be aware that some fonts could well be illegible in print. Mostly pick a logo design that you adore, you’re going to be looking at it for some time to come!


Do you need a simple website? Will you be taking online bookings? Will you want to sell products online? How will clients find your website? We can take you through all of your options and create a bespoke website that’s unique to you. Find out more about health, beauty and wellbeing website design here.

Marketing Strategy

The aim of a marketing strategy is to concentrate a limited amount of resources to achieve increased sales
and consequently a competitive advantage. Key elements that must be considered in creating a marketing
strategy are promotion, distribution, pricing, and relationship management.

The first aspect of the marketing campaign is advertising within your practice. This can be done in the form
of print materials (patient leaflets, posters, postcards, next-visit cards) and audio-visual material (Videos and
Before / After slide shows).

Another method of communication that will expand your practice and increase revenues even further is advertising and promotion using other channels. These include keeping your website up to date, Google PPC (pay per click) and social media. You can try this yourself but having a talented marketing team handle these aspects may be more cost effective in the long run and will definitely be easier.

Building Your Audience Further

There are many creative and original marketing tools you can choose to help build your Clinic’s reputation and increase your client base:
Become a local speaker and invite your employees to do the same. Build awareness and visibility by spreading the word on aesthetic laser treatments. Try to familiarize your potential patients with the benefits laser technology offers in comparison to traditional treatment methods. Participate in local events related in some way to your business (e.g. health and fitness, marathons,
local hospitals, and other similar events). Offer free patient education seminars which will again raise awareness and increase the number of your referrals. Seminars can take place in your office, at public clinics, universities, retirement homes, spas, fitness centres, hotels and numerous other local venues your potential clients visit. Be sure to promote your educational seminar online using your website, with leaflets, posters. Give out your business cards and postcards at the end of the event and schedule new appointments
with the help of Next-Visit Cards.